A Procedure for
Making Architectural Projects :

A. How to begin your Project :

1. Set up a meeting at your house or office to review your project or set up a meeting at this studio to review some of our work.

2. We will give you an estimate for creating as built drawings and establishing some preliminary drawings to determine a “scope of work” for your project.

3. We will develop an outline and preliminary schedule to accomplish your Project.

4. We will prepare a standard AIA : “Agreement between the Owner and the Architect” and commence work.

B. The Steps to Designing a Project

There are two parts to making a renovation/ construction project :

PART ONE : is the programming/ definition phase, it represents 50% of our architectural work :

1. Programming & measure existing • 10%
2. Schematic Design • 20%
3. Design Development/ • 20%

3b. Preliminary Bidding

PART TWO : is the permits, contract and building phase also at 50% of architectural work :

4. Construction Documents • 30%
5. Permits & Final Bidding
6. Construction • 20%

7. Interior Finishes • Hourly rate

C. Details

• what do you want to make?
• how long will it take (a schedule)
• make existing conditions drawings
• verify zoning requirements with town.
• verify status of utilities (gas, water, electric, and sewer)

• do basic massing studies, show alternative plans
• present to owners, get feedback

• refine alternatives
• get preliminary pricing
• review with building dept.

• produce construction documents
• hire contractor/ supervise contract
• secure permit
• create “schedule of values”

• inspect progress of construction
• issue payments to contractor for progress of Work